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About Ephesus Port Tours

TOURS FROM KUSADASI PORT and HOTELS, IZMIR AIRPORT and HOTELS, SELCUK HOTELS. We are one the first local companies in Ephesus / Kusadasi and have been giving Ephesus Shore Excursions for many years with best local tour guides in Ephesus. All of our tour guides in Ephesus are officially licensed by Ministry of Culture and tourism. We give Ephesus Private Tours from Kusadasi Port, Ephesus Tours from Kusadasi Hotels; but also our Ephesus Tours are suitable from Izmir Airport and Hotels, or Hotels in Selcuk. Our Kusadasi Shore Excursions are specialized up to our guests' time, interests and of course their budget. Our aim is to accept the people who join our customized Ephesus tours as our guest, try to give our best service in Ephesus Tours to make them happy during their trip in our lovely country. 

Today, the City of Ancient Ephesus is one the best preserved Roman Cities in the world. Here was the capital of the Asian State of Roman Empire. Ephesus witnessed many historic events including the efforts of St. Paul to spread Christianity, visited by Egyptian Queen Cleopatra and Roman Emperor Mark Anthony, and the last days of the Virgin Mary and St. John the Apostle. Ephesus Ancient City is also home to the largest temple from the Artemis cult. The Temple of Artemis in Ephesus was one of the Seven Wonders of Ancient World. Because of these reasons, Ephesus became one  of Turkey's most important cultural heritage site attracting about 1.5 million tourists a year.

Most of the local people in Kusadasi / Ephesus work in tourism industry and organise Private Tours to Ephesus. Most of the tourists come to Ephesus area by cruise boats. So, our company became one of the first tour companies in Kusadasi that arranges Ephesus private guides for cruisers and Ephesus Private Tours from Kusadasi Port. We are ready to assist the cruisers in Ephesus with excellent guiding team.

A short brief information about our Private Ephesus Tours. If our guests come from a cruise ship in Kusadasi, our Ephesus Tours begin at Kusadasi Port in the morning with a private guide and driver with a luxury minivan. Since it will be your private tour, we can start the tour when / where you wished.

At the arrival in Kusadasi Port you will be met by your private tour guide for Ephesus, officially licensed and with degree in tourism. Because of comlexity of the this vast archaeological site a knowledgelable guide is really a must. Your guide will take you through the ruins for Ephesus Tours , visiting the most beautiful sites and telling the history of this Roman City of Ephesus that was silted up. You will walk on the paved roads where two thousand years ago Ephesians used to walk, you will see the agora where they used to buy goods and made trade, go inside the private houses where wealthy people lived and see the Grand theather where Paul preached to spread Christianity, see Celsus Library that was the third largest library in ancient world. After Ephesus tour you will have time for a lunch break in a typical reastaurant that you can have fresh and delicious Turkish local foods. Depending to your interest and time, you can visit House of Mary where blessed Mary spent her last years and declared as a shrine by Pope; ruins of St. John Basalica where John the Apostle was burried and one of the largest church in the world dedicated for John ; Sirince Village that you can see typical Turkish village houses; Temple of Artemis that was one of the Seven Wonders of Ancient World.

Why Ephesus Port Tours?

• Our Ephesus Tour prices are more reasonable than cruise shore excursions.
• We do not ask any deposit before Ephesus Tour booking. You can pay all amount at the end of the your guided tour in Ephesus to your Ephesus tour guide.
• We work with Best Local Tour Guides in Ephesus who are officially licenced by Ministry of Culture and Tourism.
• You can decide when you want to start and conclude your tour. Because this is your own customized private tour to Ephesus. 
• You can spend your time in Ephesus and other sites as much as you wished, we do not give rushed tours.
• In a large Ephesus ship groups, tour guides might skip the most interesting details because it is impossible to show it to everyone. 
• In our Private Ephesus Tour, you do not have to wait all the group with about 30-40 people who have different interests.
• Our Ephesus Shore Excursions are ideal for cruise guests.
• In Ephesus / Kusadasi Port Tours, you do not have to wait in the big ticket lines since we will arrange everything in advance.
• In our Private Ephesus Tours, you do not have to share a bus with 40 people since you will have a private van only for your party. 
• We guarantee you will complete the tour and back to ship ( Ephesus / Kusadasi Port ) on time.
• Our Ephesus Professional Guide will be with you in the sites and tell everything about the sites.
• We organize Best of Ephesus Tours that is created for cruise guests from Kusadasi / Ephesus Port.
• We are all independent local tour guides from Kusadasi/ Ephesus. Nobody knows around better than a local tour guide.
• You can meet with the locals in our Private Ephesus and  Shore Excursions with the help of your local tour guide from Kusadasi and Ephesus.

Benefits of a Local Tour Guide in Ephesus

• A local tour guide in Ephesus provides insight that only locals know.
• A local tour guide helps you use your time wisely, see all the sites around Ephesus, learn things you would never learn on your own and get you back to your ship on time.
• A private tour guide makes the Ancient City of Ephesus come alive, explaining the meaning of columns, statues, and buildings.
• A local guide can help you avoid wasted time and potentially getting lost in the sites.
• You can skip the lines and avoid large groups since a local guide knows the best time to visit the attractions. 
• A private guide allows you to be in charge of your day in Kusadasi / Ephesus. Your guide will offer you options and you make the decisions.
• A private tour guide can focus on your needs and make sure to meet them.
• Your guide will be with you the entire day in the sites. You can ask questions much easier with a private guided tour in Ephesus vs. a group tour.
• Your guide will point out the best spots for photos so you will preserve your memories of your day in Ephesus and the other sites. Your guide can also make your photo in the sites. 
• Your guide from Kusadasi / Ephesus Port can recommend you the best places for a local lunch with reasonable prices.
• An educated private guide can offer a depth of experience, stories, and jokes that no guidebook can provide.
• A local tour guide will help you if you need to communicate with the local people in Ephesus.
• A private guide has priority to buy entry tickets so you do not waste time in lines.
• A local tour guide can give you the best tips so you will get to see all the important sites around Ephesus. 
• You will have an opportunity to speak with your private tour guide after you meet him/her at the Port of Kusadasi, discuss details, and allow you to decide what attractions you want to visit.
• There will be no communication problems if you have a local guide who speaks excellent English.
• A guide knows what is safe and what is not.

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